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Stream with Advantage

Introducing the D&D Beyond Twitch Extension - an interactive addition to your stream overlay that displays on-demand character statistics and status details from D&D Beyond. Watch as hit points are updated and active conditions appear on the screen in real-time, and click to view character summaries or full digital character sheets on D&D Beyond!

Key Features

Real Time Changes

As players update their hit points, add conditions, and equip new items, viewers will see these changes on the stream in real-time. After initial setup, streamers can be hands-off as the extension does the work!

On-Demand Character Information

Viewers no longer have to wait for the streamer to cycle through the display of information about a character. Viewers can mouse over the overlay and click on any character to see their stats, skills, and more!

Streamer Customization

Streamers can control how the overlay displays, including whether the bar shows on the left or right or if it displays on mouseover only. Choose which characters to show and hide from a given campaign or customize which information about characters appears around their portraits!

Screenshot of D&D Beyond Twitch Overlay Extension

Control how the Twitch Extension is displayed for your audience with customizable controls.

Align and position our Extension to work with your own stream layout and designs.

Bring your entire D&D Beyond campaign into our Twitch Extension and customize which characters are shown.

Level Up Your D&D Streams

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